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Dolphin Commemorative Artwork by Nicole

Online Event   April 22. 2021

Commemorative Dolphin Artwork by Artist Nicole Buffett. Copyright Nicole Buffet–All Rights Reserved.

Dear Friends,

In memory of my beloved husband and business partner Hans Lavik, I'm honored to announce that I'm convening:

#AIShowBiz Earth Day Powered by PORTL on April 22   
Featuring Trailblazer Talks by leading minds shaping the future.
Including the announcement of Open Earth Foundation's Marine Biodiversity Program to protect dolphins in the No-Take Zone of Cocos Island National Park near Costa Rica;

And introducing the NFT Impact Artwork inaugural piece, which is the world's first PORTL hologram NFT and celebrates Open Earth Foundation's paradigm-shifting use of artificial intelligence to preserve marine life.


Date: April 22, 2021
Time: 9:00 AM PT/ 12:00 PM ET/ 4:00 PM GMT
Length: 90 minutes
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#AIShowBiz Earth Day Powered by PORTL is also a pep rally for the event #AIShowBiz on NFTs which takes place on May the Fourth be with You Day with headlining keynote by Tim Draper, Founder, Draper Associates
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My husband Hans cared deeply as I do about the protection of dolphins. The above artwork was commissioned to commemorate his kind heart.

We are honored on Earth Day to announce:
Open Earth Foundation's:
Expansion of Cocos Island Marine Conservation Area
Open Innovation Living Lab
as a model for innovation and technology application in marine conservation worldwide!

Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom for both events,

Molly : ) 

Expansion of No-take Zone Map
Featured in Open Earth's Isla Del Coco:
Marine Conservation Innovation Roadmap