#AIShowBiz Summit History

#AIShowBiz Summit 1.0 took place in 2017 as a result of a long  standing dream my husband Hans Lavik and I shared to curate and cultivate the world’s first summit 100% focused on the intersection of AI, Entertainment & Emerging Technologies. We wanted to create a valuable community where company executives and entrepreneurs could connect, collaborate and scale their ventures giving rise to the annual #AIShowBiz Summit. 

Hans passed away in 2018. Experiencing that our summit created an environment where tech entrepreneurs thrive, I wanted to preserve Hans’s legacy, and partnered with Lori Lochtefeld to ensure the future success of #AIShowBiz. In 2019, #AIShowBiz 3.0 debuted in the heart of Silicon Valley at Lori’s Fox Theatre hosting 117 Trailblazer Talks and the largest PitchFest to date! Forbes featured an article on our #AIShowBiz Summit declaring  “AI Plus Entertainment Equals The Dawning Of A Trillion-Dollar New Economy” elevating the summit to a new found significance. 


Our upcoming summit #AIShowBiz 4.0 will focus on encouraging the entrepreneurs of today to develop emerging technology projects, products and ventures that positively impact the planet. Co-founding the Mayday Impact Award with New-Tech Film Director Jannicke Mikkelsen will honor trailblazers who use emerging technology to disrupt their industry to change the world for the better. 

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Founder #AIShowBiz

Co-Founder Mayday Impact Award

- Molly Lavik,
Founder, #AIShowBiz LLC
Co-Founder Mayday Impact Award



Inaugural Mayday Impact Award 2020

As a Trailblazer of emerging-technology in the film industry, I myself rely on technology I know requires factors that are directly harmful to our environment. Flying over the North Pole on my most recent aviation mission ’One More Orbit’ I witnessed first-hand the devastating condition of our melting polar ice caps. With the help of the latest within satellite and space technology we were able to amplify our message and broadcast live on CNN with Anderson cooper  to show 55million viewers the devastating state from this remote part of the planet. 


Personally I still feel the urgency to act on our climate change crisis. I want to encourage change to my industry of emerging-technology. Technology is our future and us who Trailblaze technology hold a collective responsibility to create technology for Good and do our part to positively impact our planet. This is why I co-founded the Mayday Impact Award together with Molly Lavik & #AIShowBiz to directly reach the world’s most renowned innovators in AI, Entertainment and Emerging Technologies.


I want to not only honor the winner of this Award; I want to honor and recognise the efforts made by every single person and company who submits to the Mayday Impact Award. My ambitious goal is to launch every single qualifying submission on an outer space time-capsule! Working in technology I remotely store all my work to keep for future generations. The purpose of the time-capsule in outer space is to create a physical remote copy and proof that we humans were here. Maybe 30 million years from now this copy will be discovered and it will state that we today, companies and individuals, made a global effort to change and create technology for good. 

Only together can we  make a global impact. It's time for emerging-technology Trailblazers to step up and create all technology for Good.


Creative Producer #AIShowBiz

Co-Founder Mayday Impact Award

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- Jannicke Mikkelsen,
Co-Founder, Mayday Impact Award