#AIShowBiz Summit 4.0 garners a global audience thanks to our partners

in a growing list of countries spanning the globe!

If you do not have the 15, 30, or logo, we can also design it for you for a small extra price. The ads are in 1080p video with text, music, logos, animations graphics, for and can include Logo design.


Live-Stream Promo Packages


Boost Your Brand With One Of These 3 Packages!

Live-stream Panel Promo Spots

In-between each of the trailblazer talks and panels we will be running, 15 or 30 second adds. 

Cost: 15-second ad is only $50.00

30 seconds is discounted to $90.00

Live-stream Trailblazer Talk/Panel Lower Corner Logo

Select a Trailblazer Talk and/or Panel to promote your brand.

We’ll insert your logo on the bottom right of the screen. The logo will be displayed from the start to finish of the talk or panel.

Cost: $100.00. 

Post Event Digital Copy of Your Talk

The third option is if you would like a licensed digital copy to download of your presentation, we can send it to you for only $75.00

Please note we reserve the right to pass on having you advertise during the live-stream. All customers are subject to final approval.