Blockchain at Pepperdine Partnership with #AIShowBiz Summit 4.0


Blockchain at Pepperdine, in collaboration with AIShowBiz Summit 4.0, are thrilled to offer summit attendees an exclusive opportunity to pursue an AI-Blockchain Certificate from the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School at a discounted certificate rate. This virtual program caters to both leaders and developers in the AI-Blockchain space, and offers an online format that merges the convenience of learning modules and the value of interactive engagements. Whether opting for the non-technical track in AI-Blockchain Leadership, or the technical track in AI-Blockchain Development, this virtual certificate provides a practical roadmap through the AI-Blockchain for Business project lifecycle while exploring the power of identity and the performance of data through decentralized applications and analytics, including smart contracts, supply chains, and smart cities. This program is taught by academic and industry leaders offering real-time expertise and industry-specific guidance and resources. The AI-Blockchain certificate meets the needs of beginners and advanced participants, may be accomplished within two or three days, and provides the tools, knowledge, and language needed to navigate and succeed in the Industry 5.0 market and the expanding digital world. *Continuing Education Units or Extended Credit Units are also available for licensed executives and professionals. For more information and registration details for the AI-Blockchain Certificate, please contact Dr. Lene Martin, Director, Blockchain at Pepperdine at